Details on Clearwater, Wyoming

Clearwater, Wyoming is located in Teton County. Teton County is famous for the Jackson Hole Mountain Ski Resort. Clearwater is a very small (fictitious) town, hidden away from the hustle and bustle of Jackson, with just fewer than 500 residents. The surrounding (real) towns are Jackson, and Hoback. Jackson is the largest city in the county at 8,647 residents.

Due to the location Clearwater gets a lot of precipitation, and mostly in the form of snow. They average around ten to fifteen feet of snow a year.  In the winter it is popular to find the whole town out at Frost Hill sled ridding, and having snowball fights. They have long hard winters so in the summer months everyone makes the most out of it. Clearwater is a town where parents don’t have to worry about their children, and at dusk the children know it is time to head home. When the street lights come on it is time to be home.

If you are looking for a night on the town most residents will make the twenty minute drive to Jackson Hole. It is also a place where many of the residents go for the day, or weekend to ski. Clearwater is also only thirty minutes to the Idaho border.

Clearwater is an American small town carved out of the mountains. Everyone knows everyone and watches out for one another. The views of the mountains are breathtaking and there is an old fashion main street with shops. Clearwater ladies are known for their juicy gossip and baked goods.

Downtown is small but you can find everything you need. If you’re looking for a pick-me-up in the morning head to Express-Ooh coffee shop and for those with a sweet tooth stop next store to The Sweet Spot Bakery. Don’t forget to pick up the latest books at Happy Ever After Books. There is also a restaurant, hardware store, service station, bar, and a beauty salon (where else would the women go to gossip). The police and fire department sit just off Main Street on Queen Avenue. Main Street is still brick and can be slick in the winter but the Clearwater residents like the charm of the bricks.

Clearwater has had tough times because of the economy, but winter is always the busiest time of the year with travelers passing through on their way to Jackson Hole.

If residents wanted to subscribe to a newspaper it would be Clearwater News.

During the summer months (weather permitting) on Sundays the whole town can be found at Clearwater Lake, enjoying the water, having a picnic, fishing, and having a good time with family and friends. Every July they have a friendly BBQ cook off and Baking competition.


Because of Clearwater’s isolated location, and the rough winters the students attend Clearwater School which runs kindergarten through twelfth grade. Clearwater School employs a number of the residents, as bus drivers, teachers, and cooks. Sports are limited because of the number of students. But there are often things going on at the school such as movie nights, dances, parties, and more. Use your imagination.

Just outside of Main Street sits Winterbloom Bed & Breakfast. There is a small driveway line with oak trees, before you see the magnificent old country B&B. Behind Winterbloom is a pond and two small cabins set on the end of the forest. Winterbloom is a quiet place to get away from it all. Winterbloom B&B is owned by Chloe Frost.